Artist's Statement

I paint to provide a bridge that guides viewers to connect with nature. My flower subjects appear in gestural poses that tell stories and represent human emotions. Often, it’s easier for people to have empathy for another species when one can humanize its struggle. The purpose of my art is to foster an appreciation of the beauty and plight of the botanical world.

While in art classes, I fell in love with painting the organic forms of living things. Painting flowers is a sensual experience. Their colors and volume are dynamic. I like to combine botanical painting techniques with less rigid painting technique such as bold color washes. I enjoy using dramatic shadows, gestural poses, and narrative backgrounds.

Watercolor allows me to achieve the pure light and color of the actual flowers. I use transparent watercolor painting techniques and incorporate traditional botanical rendering. In my studio, I work on large, heavy sheets of watercolor paper. I find my subjects in nature, and paint from sketches and photographs.

Although I've always practiced art, my art education began in 1990 as an fine art major in college. Like many others, my attention diverted and I went on to earn a Masters degree in Education. After many years as an educator, I recently returned to making art full-time. My studio is in Plano, Texas.